Welcome to Custodial Services!

Custodial Services provides the following custodial and maintenance duties to the District :

  • a clean, orderly and safe environment in all buildings District-wide
  • support for District-wide sustainability efforts
  • setup and takedown services for a wide variety of campus and community events
  • resolution of custodial issues to ensure efficient and safe operations.
  • furniture moving
  • SRJC’s Custodial Services provide regular indoor trash and recycling (waste) collection. Please contact Mengistab Gebre at mgebre@santarosa.edu, or (707) 524-1564 office, (707) 494-0778 cell


If you need any chairs, tables, and canopies please contact the warehouse at 707-521-7964 or refer to their website: https://purchasing.santarosa.edu/

Custodians only provide setup for events. If you need any assistance setting up an event, please contact Mengi Gebre, custodial manager, at mgebre@santarosa.edu, or 707-524-1564 office, 707-494-0778 cell one day ahead before the event to coordinate custodial support